Natural supplements and products for a conscious lifestyle to thrive naturally and harmoniously in a modern world.


Piper Burch is a licensed medical Aesthetician and a certified Herbalist with over 40 years of experience. Holistic health, nutrition, herbs, and various healing modalities has been a lifelong endeavor.

“As a young girl I began studying these various subjects and have stayed focused on them throughout my professional and personal life… Always learning and developing a keen eye for discernment within the trades. There is a lot out there with fancy marketing, conflicting ideas, and people just want results. Seeing this industry develop as I grew up, I know where and what to look for excellent quality and unique result oriented products. It is such a joy to share these carefully curated companies with those who are looking for the exceptional. The companies I am sharing are producing remarkable formulas and creations outstanding in every way.”


Essential Elements utilizes over 40 years of experience, both professionally and personally, to carefully research and curate the most unique, patented breakthroughs of the highest quality for true health that give you real results.