Get EMF Protection With the Anti Aging Bed and EMF Protection Supplements from Healthy Cell

Scientists estimate that humans get 30 to 100 million times the amount of electromagnetic radiation than just 100 years ago, so it’s no surprise to see research piling up about the potentially negative effects of EMF exposure. And with the rollout of new 5G wireless technology, health seekers are searching to find the best EMF protection for themselves and their families.

Technology is everywhere, so are EMF’s, and they’re affecting us 24/7/365. This is why it’s effects have been directly linked to DNA damage, cancer and an onslaught of other health issues. Essential Elements offers EMF protection options of shielding and mitigating the sources of radiation.  As you may know, DNA damage is very serious, as it’s directly linked to the root of aging, and almost every known health condition. Turns out, the more than 4,000 studies on EMF exposure overwhelmingly point to DNA damage, cellular damage, and increased oxidative stress as the three primary culprits. The combined effects of DNA damage and oxidative stress can lead to a myriad of other issues from cognitive impairment, hormone disruption, dementia, Alzheimer’s, cardiac arrest, sleep issues, fatigue, headaches, depression, dizziness, anxiety, irritability, stress, lower fertility and libido, abnormal brain development, ADHD, Autism and learning disabilities. But even with more than 4000 studies that link EMFs to this wide range of undesirable conditions, the more long-term effects of EMFs on humans are still unknown and require more time to elapse before it becomes more evident.

That’s why, protecting our cells and minimizing DNA damage and oxidative stress starts with good habits like eating healthy, getting enough sleep, daily exercise, reducing stress, drinking purified water, and taking the highest quality vitamins. Once you’ve got a solid foundation, to help optimize and thrive in a modern EMF world it’s important to take a specific supplement designed to protect and repair DNA damage, to help mitigate the potential harm from EMF exposure.

Our cells and their internal DNA are constantly under attack by internal and external sources. Because the body can only repair DNA damage so fast, minimizing EMF radiation is a critical first step. But eventually, when cellular DNA damage outpaces the body’s ability to repair it, it leads to physical signs of aging, decreased health, quality of life, and underlies most of the conditions that kill us, such as Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and atherosclerosis. Doctors and scientists now recognize that the ability to identify and repair DNA damage is the leading indicator of potential cancers and many of the other conditions associated with aging.

Healthy Cell’s Telomere Length with AC-11 is a supplement that we can take internally to protect our DNA from the onslaught of EMF’s and free radical damage that happens around-the-clock. AC-11 is a unique nutrient that has been shown to boost our body’s natural DNA repair mechanisms and help it recover from the damage that’s already occurred. This rare extract from the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon rain forest touts nearly two decades of research and dozens of peer-reviewed, scientific studies. It’s sustainably harvested and 100% safe and natural, with no side effects or drug interactions.

Clinical research investigating AC-11 has found this substance possesses a wide range of health benefits that support cell and DNA repair. The health of our cells, specifically repairing our DNA from daily damage, is believed to be a key factor in avoiding cancer, slowing down aging and an onslaught of other health conditions.

In fact, AC-11 is one of very few documented plant chemicals proven to support DNA repair while supporting our immune system’s response to inflammation. AC-11 is an extract of the inner bark from Cat’s Claw plants, but it’s not the same as the Cat’s Claw plant that can be found in any health food store – which actually may contain harmful levels of tetracyclic oxindole alkaloids (TOAs). Rather, AC-11 is a small mix of phytochemical compounds thought to be the specific active ingredients in Cat’s Claw bark that hold the health benefits. When AC-11 is made, it goes through hot water extraction and filtration process to remove alkaloids. Its primary proven benefit is cellular DNA repair.

Healthycell’s proprietary formula Telomere Length, enhances DNA repair functions, and antioxidant protection that work to prevent DNA damage before it starts. An EMF Protection Plan with the patented technologies from The Anti Aging Bed and EMF Protection Supplements from Healthy Cell are essential elements for a healthier future to help us protect us from EMF radiation and 5G from the inside out.