Wearable EMF Protection against electromagnetic radiation while traveling, or outside your home

Compensates the biological effects of the electromagnetic radiation from emitting devices.




The TRAVELER is EMF protection to wear close to your body; In your pocket, wallet, or, to your choice hung on a necklace, pendant. A snap hook-ring accessory is provided: you can wear it as a collar, a belt buckle, a key ring, or attach it to your convenience thanks to the hole left for this purpose.

TRAVELER has been designed to provide an effective compensation for the potential effects of your immediate surroundings *. The “protection bubble thus generated has a diameter of about 3 meters (10 feet).

TRAVELER compensates for the potential effects of Wi-Fi, WiMAX, Bluetooth, DECT wired telephones, relay antennas, satellite communications, low to very high voltage electrical networks, geo-biological disturbances, microwave ovens, low consumption light bulbs, smart meters, CPL (Carrying Currents Online), transport (car, plane and train) for ultimate EMF protection.