Anti Aging Bed Mattress Cover ONLY (Queen size)

Original price was: $1,066.00.Current price is: $849.00.

Love your Mattress? Then upgrade your current mattress with our Anti Aging Bed mattress cover for the ultimate in natural bedding for health. Has the same patented technologies and EMF protection of the Anti Aging Bed Mattress.

  • EMF Shielding Technology
  • Personal ESD Grounding Technology
  • Anti Oxidant Neutralizes Free Radicals
  • Conductive Cooling for Enhanced Comfort
  • Real Nano Silver Ion Technology



Start your Day off feeling recharged, rested, and regenerated. Awarded multiple US patents on technologies that transform the way the world sleeps. Modern features in natural bedding and anti-aging benefits for an improved night of sleep with EMF protection..

The perfect sleep environment. Healthy electrons and negative ions neutralize free radicals and greatly dissipate oxidative stress.

Real nano silver technology. An expensive feature that increases conductivity, cooling,anti-microbial, anti-viral, and anti-odor qualities.

ESD grounding technology. Direct connection with this natural bedding mattress cover shields and protects the body from EMF, cell, WiFi, radiation, and static by discharging the body while in connection ground potential.

This is a mattress cover only. Fits standard sizes 10 inch depth. Zippered mattress cover to use on existing mattress.