BaxStar Hyperbaric Chamber

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BaxStar Hyperbaric Oxygen soft chamber includes soft chamber,PSA oxygen concentrator, and air cooler. Features:

Easy operation

Low noise


Alarm system



Breathing in rich pressurized oxygen helps the body recieve sufficient oxygen and transport it to blood cells to promote the tissue cells to get supplemental oxygen and to improve the natural healing powers of the body.

Portable lying type oxygen chamber could meet various requirement suitable for hospital, clinic, home,sport gym,beauty spa, etc.

PSA oxygen concentrator pumps 90% – 96% oxygen with 5LPM and ambiant air with 70LPM into the chamber to create an oxygen rich and high atmospheric pressure environment.

In a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the purity of oxygen could be up to more than 25% – 30% (only 21% in our normal atmosphere) and the atmospheric pressure will be up to 1.3 times higher than normal pressure.