Healthy Cell Vegan Essentials

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The essential one-a-day multivitamin all natural supplement for plant-based diets.

  • MICROGEL™ ultra-absorption technology
  • Premium vegan ingredients in highly bioavailable forms
  • Easy to swallow recyclable gel pack
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The essential one-a-day multivitamin for plant-based diets is a superior all natural supplement. Expertly formulated by physicians and nutritionists, Vegan Essentials contains a broad spectrum of essential vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients specifically needed in vegan diets to support your brain, muscles, strong bones, shiny hair, vibrant skin, healthy nails, immunity, and boost energy. Vegan Essentials is made with MICROGEL™ ultra-absorption technology.

To get the same effective doses of the nutrients in this one superior all natural supplement, you would need to swallow five or more pills. Produced exclusively in the USA from premium ingredients, MICROGEL™ is a more natural way to supplement the diet. It eliminates the need for synthetic binding glues, fillers, coatings, and anti-caking agents commonly listed as "other ingredients" in many supplements.

Conveniently enjoy the great-tasting, natural peach-mango flavor right from the gel pack, mix in water, or even add to your favorite smoothie. We use cruelty-free, sustainably-sourced Ingredients with 100% recyclable packaging via TerraCycle.