Ayana Water Purifier Hot Springs Shower Filter

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The ultimate water purification for your shower. The science shows the following benefits:
• Boosts the immune system
• Hydrates and enriches skin and hair
• Relaxes the body and muscles
• Protects the skin from chemicals

Users report the following experience:
• Softer, silkier, healthier hair
• Hair colors/dyes will shine longer and with more vivid colors
• Smooth, rash free skin
• Feelings of relaxation and rejuvenation
• Feelings of health and vitality

Ayana Water Purifier Hot Springs Shower Optimizer

Did you know that you absorb 100x as many chemicals from your shower than you would by drinking a gallon of the same water? If your shower is unfiltered you will absorb the toxins you are trying to avoid in your drinking water by absorbing them through your skin and respiratory system while you shower.

The Ayana Hot Springs is a powerful shower filter that removes all the chlorine and many other toxins from your shower water. In the second stage of the filter, the water runs over a number of different minerals including magnesium, copper, and other elements that are found in natural healing hot springs and lakes around the world for the ultimate in water purification.