Ayana Vitality Water Purifier and Ionizer


The ultimate in water purification. According to studies, the benefits of alkaline molecular hydrogen water are as follows:
• Increases energy levels and reduces fatigue
• Promotes weight loss and long term weight management
• Promotes youth and vitality with anti-aging properties
• Prevents and heals ailments as a powerful antioxidant
• Reduces muscle recovery time from lactic acid build up
• Promotes happiness by improving mood and reducing anxiety
• Improves performance through mental clarity and focus
• Improves gut health and facilitates digestion
• Removes pesticides from fruit and veggies
• Balances skin and DNA
• Reverses acidic conditions

Ayana Water Purifier is home to the Vitality Water Ionizer.

This is a state of the art water purification and optimization machine that surpasses the most sophisticated water ionizer on the market due to the revolutionary Active Ionic Disk Technology, 152 customizing options, and an incredible lifetime warranty.

The Vitality's sleek and modern design is the result of 25 years of industry prowess... it takes ordinary tap water, of any quality, and transforms it into Ayana Purified Water: an alkaline, energized, healing elixir of life.
Enjoy the health benefits of clean purified, alkaline and hydrogen rich water, free of harmful contaminants and plastics in your home every day without having to rely on bottled water delivery services.