Healthy Cell Focus + Recall

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Boost your brainpower with science-backed nootropics to sharpen focus, concentrate longer, enhance recall, improve mental speed, learn rapidly, and be more alert.
  • Microgel advanced nutrient delivery system
  • Easy to swallow gel pack
  • 5 Nootropic brain boosting blends
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2,988 MG of Brain-Supercharging Nootropics in One Gel Pack

To get the same amount of nutrients to reach effective doses, you would need to swallow 6 large capsules. Even then, you would not get the same level of absorption that MICROGEL™ provides. Expertly formulated by physicians and nutritionists, Focus + Recall is a superior natural supplement blend of powerful, natural nootropics designed to support optimal brain function with a noticeable impact within 30 minutes while also providing long-term brain health support.

This one supplement combines the power of 5 powerhouse blends

  • Neuro-transmitter support
  • Phospholipid support
  • Glucose + Ketone conversion
  • Brain blood flow support
  • Brain cell antioxidant activity